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Sports Medicine

  • Preventing overuse injuries- repetitive movements cause some muscle groups to be overused and the opposing muscle groups to be weak. Acupuncture can bring balance by directing circulation to these muscles. 

  • Faster recovery time- acupuncture stimulates the immune system, decreases inflammation and improves circulation making recovery times from intense workouts and/or injury much quicker.

  • Peak performance- gets blood oxygen to the muscles in use. This helps prevent muscle cramping and build up of lactic acid.

  • Mental resilience- when adrenaline is pumping it can be challenging to remain focused. Acupuncture supports adrenal health to ensure your physical and mental conditioning are in sync.

“I’ll be honest when I say I didn’t really believe in acupuncture.  That’s just because I didn’t know enough about it.  I found myself with a grade 2 separated shoulder.  I had known Amy for a while, but was hesitant to go see her.  What better time than after the diagnosis from my ortho.  The ortho told me I would be out for 6 weeks with no mobility and a sling!  A sling, man I hate slings.  Well, I went to see Amy and terrified of being stuck by needles, but what the heck, this has to help.  Much to my surprise, the needles did not hurt at all, and then Amy recommended that I see her twice a week to help heal my shoulder.  Amy had several different treatments for me throughout my plan, and they all got me more and more interested on her knowledge and practice.  Four weeks go by, and I had a follow up visit with my ortho.  He ran some tests and took an x-ray.  He then walked back into my exam room with a surprised look on his face.  He asked me what I had been doing, and I replied acupuncture.  He looked over at me and said that I healed remarkably well, and that I could remove the sling and continue my normal activities.  Fast forward about 8 months.  Here I am training for my first marathon.  I decided to see Dr. Gendron throughout my training to help my muscles and joints.  On one of my long runs, I planted and injured my hip.  I was devastated.  All this work for nothing. I thought to myself, "I’m going to have to bail out of this race."  I went to see Amy and she assured me that I could get through this and finish this race.  With added visits, and a good choice of meals that she recommended to help me heal, I was able to run my race and finish! THANK YOU Amy for introducing me to a more holistic approach to medicine, and for helping me achieve my personal fitness goals.  Since all of this I continue to see Dr Gendron a few times a month just to keep my mind and body in tune." 



Anthony Hernandez

“Amy is not only the finest therapist and acupuncturist to work on my aches and pains, she is the best listener. She made me feel like she genuinely cares." 


Matt Guokas

Retired NBA Basketball Player

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