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Women's Health

  • Balances Hormones- acupuncture releases endorphins (a feel-good hormone) into the body. This brings balance to excess cortisol (a stress hormone) which creates a belly fat and a whole cascade of issues.

  • Supports bodily processes- stimulating the nerves that innervate the uterus can improve the quality of contractions in labor and eliminating menstrual cramps

  • Relaxes the mind-opioid addiction in women and their newborn babies is an epidemic. These drugs treat psychosomatic pain, but drug tolerance and addiction make them very dangerous. Acupuncture supports the body's natural feel-good hormones, the same released during exercise, sex, and birth. It also effectively treats pain by decreasing inflammation and activating the immune system. 

“I am so grateful to Amy. Her accupuncture treatments helped me to release some emotional stress I was under at the end of my pregnancy, and I felt feel more relaxed and at ease. A few weeks later, Amy successfully induced my labor, gently and naturally. I had an absolutely amazing birth. I tell everyone that Amy, along with eating spicy food at Chai Thai, brought my baby into my arms.”

Elizabeth Gocklin

"I was referred to Amy by a friend for hormonal imbalance. As someone that's has never had acupuncture before I didn't know what to expect.  After a few sessions I started to notice the positive changes with Amy.  From my sleep to my mood and my energy I noticed great improvement.  She does an excellent job in recommending supplements and nutrition to complement the treatment.  My overall experience was more than what I expected and I owe that to the great work Amy does." 


Regina Partin

“Amy provided me with acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment which helped me so much physically and emotionally at a time when I needed it most. I was looking to heal from the loss of a pregnancy and prepare my body to become pregnant again. I immediately felt the positive effects of my treatments. My sleep and disposition improved, and my body had recovered quickly enough for my husband and I to get pregnant again in just a few months. I continued to see Amy throughout my pregnancy and was really able to enjoy it ad everything ran so smoothly. Amy takes so much time to listen and really makes you feel comfortable, I would recommend her to anyone!”

Michele Karrlsson-Willis

"Amy was my doula for both my boys' deliveries in Orlando, FL. With my first baby boy, I was fearful and uncertain as to what to expect, and Amy made it to the hospital as soon as I did. My active labor lasted about 6 hours, where it was extremely painful towards the end. Even looking back now, I think Amy's presence is the reason why I loved my birth so much (and I ended up having two more!). She was extremely peaceful (there's just an aura about her), and she was there to give me water, rub my feet, was my support when I needed to lean on her during my painful contractions, and knew all the right spots with acupuncture to help me with my pain (during and postpartum). I told Amy I would not be able to give birth to my second son (who came two years later) without her and she made it to my second baby's birth as well, giving me the same support, peace, love and strength to make my birthing experience so special. If I could, I would make having a doula (especially one like Amy) mandatory for all delivering mothers so they could feel their strength, peace and beauty as they brought a new life into this world." 

Zainab Merchant

writer, author, and owner of Zainab Rights


"The first time I went to see Amy as an acupuncture newbie was a year ago in February. At my first appointment, she sat and talked with me for over half an hour about any health issue I had. She then discussed how all of them were correlated with each other and the reasonings behind them. I have been to dozens of dr.’s and specialists over the years and it was the first time anyone had ever looked at the whole picture and given me an explanation that made sense.


One of the reasons I went to Amy was for infertility – I had gone through a journey of surgery and fertility treatments that had been unsuccessful over the prior year and a before going to that appointment, I actually had found out I was pregnant naturally. Unfortunately we suffered a miscarriage last spring at 10 weeks pregnant. The months after that were a very dark time for me and stress and anxiety brought about a lot of my digestive issues that have plagued me for most of my life.  I was a mess.


I started going to Amy consistently in July of this year. We worked on my digestive issues, letting go of the emotional pain of the miscarraige, and then eventually trying to get pregnant. . Amy was instrumental in helping me feel better during this past year. As a healthcare provider, she genuinely cares about you, is a great listener, and is non-judgemental. You can be honest with her – if you have or haven’t been following the regimenJ - and she is always rooting for you to feel your best and be good to yourself. She makes herself available around the clock. It’s evident that she has been thinking about you between visits – how to change up your care or what will work best for you. Most of all, she is an encourager. I am a Christian – and my faith increased during this time as well -  during a lot of my sessions I would pray and work on giving things over to God. 


I am happy to report to you today that with the help of Amy, God has blessed me with another pregnancy! I am currently 14 weeks pregnant, already in my second trimester, with a baby boy. Everything is normal so far and I am feeling great! I continue to go to Amy for relief from pregnancy symptoms, and for a personal cheerleading session. I would highly recommend that if you know women who are struggling getting pregnant, have suffered miscarraiges – or if you know men or women with a health issue they have struggled with for years – to send them to Amy." 


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